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EIKON #87Defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media” (Oxford English Dictionary), the “selfie” has become an indestructible part of today’s common (anti-)culture. Characteristic features are a usually amateurish composition, an unfavorable angle for the shot and ineffective lighting, which means that it contradicts practically all the criteria for professional photographic portraits...More
EIKON #86After the theme of “Documentarism”, which formed the start for our new section “In Focus” in the last edition of EIKON, the phenomenon of self-publishing, which is growing increasingly frequent, now provides us with an occasion for a close look at the artist book...More
Eikon Double IssueThe EIKON double issue 84—85 presents itself with a new look, and the changes are not just on the surface. In the course of the graphic redesign, we have also modified our content and are pleased to introduce “In Focus”, our new section focusing on media-reflexive subjects...More
Our Age is Thirteen, nouveau satellite de la galaxie "photo".La presse va mal, ce n'est un secret pour personne et la presse spécialisée photo, qu'elle soit numérique ou traditionnelle n'échappe pas à ce triste déclin. Pourtant dans cet univers en perte de vitesse, deux jeunes passionnés relèvent le défi et ne s'embarrassent ni des contraintes ni des barrières liées au modèle économique, à l'actualisation permanente du support et à la concurrence acharnée que se livrent les différents acteurs dans ce petit territoire indépendant qu'est le monde de la photographie...More
New Eikon issueThe multi-perspective approach is central to the work of both ABIGAIL REYNOLDS and WALTER NIEDERMAYR. While the former uses historical photos from which she makes collages with a space-time structure, the multipartite landscape photos of the Southern Tyrolese artist are combined so discreetly that shifts in space are barely perceptible.More
EIKON # 82In this issue, Multimedia artist DOUG AITKEN pursues different paths of communication and reverses the roles of addresser and addressee by having the artwork answer the beholder. The permanent installation Mirror, installed on the façade of Seattle Art Museum in late March this year, responds like a kaleidoscope and a “living system,” as Aitken puts it, to passersby, traffic, and weather conditions...More
EIKON # 81The series Gestern (Eine Begegnung mit Familie D). (Yesterday [A Meeting with Family D.]) by ANASTASIA KHOROSHILOVA is also not an objective documentation. When the artist shows migrants living illegally in Russia in their everyday surroundings, she presents them in the form of classical portrait photography, subverting traditional family hierarchies in her arrangement of the figures...More
ASPHALT X... Last but not least, this Volume 10 is the final issue of this publication “ASPHALT.” This was the intention held by Mr. Atsushi Fujiwara, who is virtually the owner of this publication from the beginning. I took up the role as the editor in chief from Volume 2 and my intention was to create a global standard magazine rather than a magazine distributed only in Golden-Gai, however, I leave the evaluation of my effort entirely to the readers. Thanks for all your support...More
Eikon# 80While numerous art institutions and alternative spaces around Europe present themselves as sites of photography this November, EIKON, true to its spirit, shows its favorites in this November issue...More
Asphalt Issue IXYasuyuki Aizawa is Asphalt issue IX's guest. From 2003, his interest for Irak and the route of USA after the eleventh september drive him in this area. A strong B&W work to discover...More
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