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Holywood, Dominique VautrinFive years of lonely and cathartic street-wandering later, Vautrin picked the forty-eight black-and-white photographs that compose his series, Holywood (note the single “l”). The dark-tones and dirty contrasts of his often-blurry black-and-white shots are the visual opposite of the famed Hollywood series by Phillip-Lorca diCorcia from the 1990s, shooting subjects in Santa Monica’s warm, cinematic California light. Vautrin’s work is equally cinematic, but with a taste for darker, bleak black-and-white 1960s thrillers...More
NikolaÏ Bakharev, a social artist?Nikolay Bakharev’s emotive and controversial images are important social documents that enlighten and inform the viewer. The subjects – freed from oppression by this oppurtinity to express grace and fragility, desire and control, honour and sincerity – are merely a means of expression for the photographer: every image gives us an enhanced view of the ‘bigger picture’...More
Christian Caujolle Interview...When I was a child, there was no camera, nor television at home, so the photos I had seen were from Paris Match. It happened that no one was writing about photography at the Libération. I was paid when the articles were published, so when I saw an exhibition, I wrote something and it somehow started. If I look at it today, it seems crazy, but at that moment, in 1979, I was going to that gallery every Saturday...More
Eva Truffaut ou l'Art sans ConnivenceQuand je vais quelque part, je ne vais pas à un endroit, je vais vers quelque chose, vers une personne. C'est le trajet qui me passionne, c'est cet instant de nomadisme, de déplacement que j'ai envie de capter...More
CURATING THE GLOBAL WITH AN OUTSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE: AN INTERVIEW WITH DENISE CARVALHOI first met the Brazilian curator Denise Carvalho this summer at Art Omi, an international artist residency in Hudson, NY. I was there as the Critic-in-Residence, and she had served in that post a number of years before. What struck me about her way that she approached the 30 artists at the residency. To put it simply, she is interested in who the artist is as a person, and trusts what they have to say about what they are doing...More
La Collection Photographique du CNAPLe CNAP expose actuellement au Tri Postal de Lille des oeuvres issus de ses collections. A cette occasion, rencontre avec le tout nouveau conservateur des collections photographiques Pascal Beausse qui nous parle de ce rôle inédit dans l'institution et de son ambitieuse feuille de route...More
Focus on JapanAsphalt is not a traditional photomagazine. Dedicated to the japanese and asian photography,the magazine exists only by the will of his founders, without sponsors or advertising. Thought as a collector's item from its conception, Asphalt launches this winter, the issue 8. During all the week, the world of photography has meeting in Paris and on the occasion of Paris Photo, it seemed to us evident to meet one of his founders, Atsushi Fujiwara to speak about this UFO... More
Last Passion HeroAu coeur du Quartier Latin, à l'angle de la rue Séguier et de la rue de Savoie se niche une petite échoppe: celle d'un artisan tireur, Roland Dufau. Depuis trente ans, il consacre sa vie à un papier mythique le "cibachrome". Rencontre avec un homme qui a su conserver sa liberté de ton et de pensée à l'heure où nombre de laboratoires ferment leurs portes...More
Meeting with Lola Mc Dougall and Frank Kalero from Punctum MagazineThe voice of photographers has never been more powerful than today. Throughout the whole genres of art, photography has the largest number of consumers and producers. Photography is riding high, propelled by its strong popularity and artistry. How does the photography in Asia look like now? In order to figure out how panasiatic contemporary photography can bear such diverse and multiple voices, we need to look into the change of circumstance that surrounds photography. Meeting with the two founders of Punctum, a new bi-annual magazine who suggests an unusual point of view about panasiatic photography. More
Royal Monceau, Suite et...oeuvresRencontre avec Hervé Mikaeloff, conseiller personnel de Bernard Arnaud pour l’art contemporain, instigateur au préalable de la magnifique collection photographique de la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation, cédée depuis au Centre Pompidou, qui s’offre aujourd’hui la direction artistique du somptueux palace de l’avenue Hoche...On ne présente plus le Royal Monceau qui a tant fait parlé de lui lors de sa célèbre « demolition party » en 2008 et sa non moins fameuse renaissance, imaginée et mise en scène par un Philippe Starck survolté, en prise directe avec ses (et les nôtres) émotions artistiques...More
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