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Editorial: L'Hipster Photography, territoire minuscule de l'identitéJ'ai pensé qu'il serait utile de définir un type de photographie que j'hésite encore à appeler Hipster photographie. Je ne m'intéresse pas à définir ce qu'est un Hipster et à quoi il ou elle ressemble. Ce qui m'intéresse, c'est le nouveau genre de photographie qui est apparemment produit , promu et diffusé par des personnes conscientes nourries d'une culture visuelle contemporaine et qu'on appelle les hipsters... More
Image ExplosionDavid Joselit theorizes about the function of art in the global age of abstracted value and Art Basel: Should images flow freely like currencies, anywhere the market will take them, or should this neoliberal freedom be tempered by the values of cultural identity whose most extreme expression is fundamentalist?More
EIKON # 82In this issue, Multimedia artist DOUG AITKEN pursues different paths of communication and reverses the roles of addresser and addressee by having the artwork answer the beholder. The permanent installation Mirror, installed on the façade of Seattle Art Museum in late March this year, responds like a kaleidoscope and a “living system,” as Aitken puts it, to passersby, traffic, and weather conditions...More
ASPHALT X... Last but not least, this Volume 10 is the final issue of this publication “ASPHALT.” This was the intention held by Mr. Atsushi Fujiwara, who is virtually the owner of this publication from the beginning. I took up the role as the editor in chief from Volume 2 and my intention was to create a global standard magazine rather than a magazine distributed only in Golden-Gai, however, I leave the evaluation of my effort entirely to the readers. Thanks for all your support...More
Gup Magazine 29Hannah stares at me. Her grey eyes hold me at gunpoint, like a double-barrelled shotgun. She wants to know: who am I and who are you? A freckled body, a snowy landscape seen from above where the rain softly falls and leave behind rust-coloured smudges of the earth that carries the snow. I try to look at her like a sculpture carved carefully from the background. A work of art that was brought to life with the best tools, was given the shadows that sleep on her white body with the finest of brushes... More
Foam MagazineWhat is happiness? In the United States and many other Western countries it is often linked to money, or the lack of it. Economists assess consumer confidence by looking at property and income. GNP is routinely trotted out as the most important indicator of a country’s wellbeing. But little Bhutan came up with a different idea. In 1972, concerned about the problems encountered by developing nations that concentrate purely on economic growth, the newly enthroned King Wangchuck decided that not GNP but GNH should be the country’s first priority...More
GUP Magazine 28Steve Davey is a successful travel photographer and author of the bestselling Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die. I haven't read his book, but assume it does not include images of what are commonly referred to as 'conflict zones'. With experience, travellers become more discriminating about their destinations. Many seek the unusual and avoid the routine and predictable. I can't imagine Davey advertised places of war and atrocity; areas worth dying for to some, but not worth visiting by anyone..More
EditorialAutour de l’affaire «Larry Clark», provoquée par l’interdiction légale de l’accès à l’exposition pour les mineurs (au Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris), tout et son contraire a été prononcé et débattu, confirmant la notoriété des œuvres présentées tout en réduisant la lisibilité d’une exposition et d’une démarche artistique. Mais, il y a bien la réalité agissante d’une loi interdictrice, qui porte à distinguer entre les œuvres qui pourraient porter atteinte à la bienséance et au salut de l’esprit (en particulier des enfants), et toutes les autres qui auraient...More
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